We are looking for volunteer help for some new, and other existing, projects for our communities in Haiti!  If you would like to dedicate some energy to helping with any of our projects please contact Mandy for further information.

Grant writing expertise needed!

Fundraising in your local area - bake sales, sponsorships, connect with local primary schools or women's groups, Rotary, Lions and other clubs, churches etc.

Teaching skills? for primary education, teacher training, English, construction trades, craft production? We can use your help with lesson plans by remote, or in our live summer school - 2 or 3 weeks each summer and occasional other visits, in upgrading staff and pupil skills at our 2 schools, expanding our agricultural facilities etc.

Collect donations of tools, electronics and needed items (please consult for current list, and do not collect clothing, shoes or toys as we have no way to ship them to Haiti, and the money is better spent locally).

Arranging transportation, and co-ordinating deliveries of goods (used sails and rope, deck fittings, safety gear, and essential tools) by cruising boats to Ile a Vache - either from the Eastern Caribbean or Florida / northern states.

Join our engineering team: design and  build team to start new projects such as building better latrines, water purification, and adobe brick oven construction, processing plastic trash for building materials, improving agricultural methods, and more!

At home and abroad

In Haiti, it is reported that up to 85 percent of the population is illiterate and nearly 90 percent of the children cannot afford to go to school. Many people die because proper medical care is unavailable or inaccessible.

In order to reach its goals, the Foundation counts on your generosity. Gifts of time, money, talent, and material goods to The Good Samaritan Foundation of Haiti, Inc. are equally valuable to the Haitian people.