Cruise for a Cause

Sailing the Caribbean to the small Haitian island of Ile A Vache to help the community as part of the Good Samaritan Foundation of Haiti.

Haitian Students need your help!


A fund raising film for The Good Samaritan Foundation of Haiti (GSFH) to help raise money for 4 students to attend college.

Carline - last year of nursing diploma.
Adeline - 3rd year of 4 in advanced nursing degree.
Daniel - 3rd year of 5 in agriculture science. 
Pouchon - 2nd year of 5 in civil engineering.

Rotary Club of Tortola

Rotary Club of Tortola, Trip to Haiti June 2012

Good Samaritan School

Update on the progress of building Good Samaritan School in Ile A Vache, Haiti.


A firsthand view of Ile a Vache featuring Michael *Beans* and Megan McCormick. Footage provided by the Discovery Channel and shown with permission.