Our new Veterinary Dispensary launched this month!

Since our head agronomist Anousse Paul completed his year of veterinary training and surgery under Kelly Crowdis at Des Chapelles, Haiti in April, and 2nd Agronomist Elysee started his course there, we felt ready to open our brand new dispensary - the only one on Ile a Vache!

The agronomists offer low-cost consultations and a range of medicines for all livestock, they can visit farms to see larger animals or when it's a long way or the animals are too sick to move. The medicines are sold at a very small mark-up to cover transport and stocking, as this is a service to the island's farmers. 

Here is the cupboard built by our carpenter Ti Kesnel, and some of the medicines. Anousse is holding one of our rabbits, now approaching the fourth distribution of breeding stock to local farmers and families.

Anousse and vet cabinet.jpeg