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Swim in Haiti


07-13-2018 YMCA Newsletter
As a follow-up to the article in the Winter newsletter, we are thrilled to report that the new swimming program for children and adults in Haiti is underway! Haitian native Nestor Destil visited the Metuchen YMCA for 11 days in February to learn the lifesaving skill of swimming under the tutelage of Danica Lindsey, Aquatics Director and Robin Bolton, volunteer with the Good Samaritan Foundation of Haiti. Nestor was able to bring the skills he learned back to Haiti to become a swim instructor at the Good Samaritan School in the village of La Hatte, Ile a Vache.

Projects such as this show how all YMCAs can play a key role in the growth and strengthening of our global neighbors by partnering with organizations around the world to address critical social issues.