Could you buy 100 eggs per month?

That’s US$ 20. We need about 55 such donors, in addition to our local vendors, to buy all the eggs we now produce in excess of those given to our school's children. (But if more people donate, we can build another chicken house or another rabbit house, employ more hen and rabbit keepers, and distribute more eggs, chicken and rabbit meat too!)

Your support for this project has huge ramifications – nutrition, community support, self- reliance, employment and more. 

Thanks so much, Mandy 


Our two schools, serving over 500 children, provide free education and, since good nutrition is essential to successful learning, a free lunch too.

Here's our problem! We need to create income from our current farming projects in order to cover our costs and provide essential funding for future projects. But the success of our projects is such that we are seen as a donor, not a producer of marketable food items. We now have up to 1,500 eggs per week in excess of our own requirements for the schools in Ile a Vache and Petit Goave and we need to sell those eggs. We are creating employment by supplying local vendors with eggs to sell, for 10 gourdes each, which equates to 6 eggs per US$1. But in reality, we cannot sell all our excess eggs this way.

How can you help?

By buying some eggs which can be distributed to schools and orphanages on Ile a Vache!  Other schools do not have canteen or lunch programs so many children are malnourished. A hardboiled egg with a pinch of salt acts as an incentive to attend class. Additionally, many churches have Sunday school classes and providing them with eggs would be a way of helping children who do not go to school.

In particular, we would like to be able to distribute eggs to orphanages and schools, on Ile a Vache, such as Sister Flora's, one of very few orphanages in the whole of Haiti that cares for physically and mentally handicapped orphans. 

The Hen House

The Hen House