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Bon Samaritan La Hatte School


In 2013 to 2017 we concentrated on improving the standard of education - and had considerable success! Marks came up 30% on previous years, and can still go higher! With stable funding for teacher salaries and a good lunch program, we were able to expand the school to include 2 years of Kindergarten and Sixth to Ninth grades! We now offer 12 years of schooling. All of our teachers are qualified, and take great pride in their work. Books and materials are supplied to the children, and some years we also provide the fabric for uniforms.

The 2018 Kindergarten has 4 qualified ‘jardinieres’ or early-childhood teachers, and it’s own facilities, equipment and furniture suitable for age 3 to 5. This encourages parents to send their children to school at the right age, (where schooling formerly started anywhere from 5 to 12 years old, IF at all). Having a free school is therefore essential to getting an education for poorer families, and on these remote islands, nobody is well-off. The children usually stay in school consistently after Kindergarten, and the family sees the benefit of sending all their children, not just their brightest, their sons, or the favorite child.

As the children advance through school at a normal rate, more of them will have the chance to attend high school, and further education.  We now provide seventh, eighth and ninth grades in the afternoon session as well, reaching the level required for entry to trade school and academic high school at a Lycee (State high school) on the mainland. This means that as Ile a Vache develops as a tourism destination, more local people will be eligible for new types of jobs, in hotels, construction, entrepreneurial roles, etc. GSF hopes to continue to offer scholarships for high school and further education also, to deserving students. In 2018 we have 4 students in university, two in trade school, and seven in high school.

We hope to safeguard both the local character of the island and the livelihoods of the people in the community, so that they can retain their way of life yet benefit from new development.


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Administrator Mandy with our teachers in 2016-17's summer training camp, assisted by Michel Payant and team from IMECT school.