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Scholarship Program

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In rural Haiti, it is very common to find that there are only one or two people, usually men, per village, who have finished high-school or have any further eduction. This is one of the reasons not much progress is made in improving standard of living as teachers and trained personnel cannot easily be persuaded to live in the remoter areas. Haitians are so eager to have more education and training but for subsistence farmers it is out of the question; feeding and clothing their children and dealing with the constant cycle of illness, natural disasters like the recent crop and drought failure, political upheavals and poor market prices make their lives unending drudgery. We are trying to change this by offering scholarships to the brightest local youth to finish courses they have had to leave for family reasons or lack of funds. Those qualified and trained will return, to fulfill their commitment to the community and help improve lives and health in the area by so doing.

GSF is committed to our side of the bargain - students will be funded as far as we possibly can towards finishing their high school diploma, or college degree. They will be equal percentages girls and boys when possible, from poorer families, and we will attempt to either provide first employment for them or help them to find jobs. In return they commit to upholding standards in their behavior, helping our projects during holidays, and returning to the community. We are sometimes able to offer targeted courses at trade school (mechanic, electrician...) which are one to two years and the skills are urgently needed in the area.

Visit our Students at:

AnousseAnousse, recent graduate and agricultural manager (right)

We are striving really hard to keep the success growing and this is where your help is much needed. 

Unfortunately this year we have found ourselves without the funds to sustain our commitment to our 4  under-graduates.  

We have to raise essential funds to cover four scholarships which pay for the students' tuition, lodging and a small daily stipend (under $5) that covers food, books, and transport. A one year scholarship starts at under $4000 per student.

School starts next month and we urgently need to provide funding so that students can complete their current years, and move into accomplished roles that positively impact their immediate and wider community.

Students needing this crucial support are:

Carline - last year of nursing diploma $3600
Adeline - 3rd year of 4 in advanced nursing degree $3750
Daniel - 3rd year of 5 in agriculture science $3750
Pouchon - 2nd year of 5 in civil engineering. $3900

The current students are all committed to staying in their villages on Ile a Vache and helping advance the community when they graduate.

Carline - Nursing Diploma
I was born in La Hatte on Ile a Vache and I am the youngest of 6 siblings. My father is a fisherman and my mother was a small trader but she sadly died seven years ago at which point I had to leave my secondary school, and my home on Ile a Vache to go and live with my god-mother on the mainland to finish school. I focused on my studies gaining my Baccalaureate in 2012, when I was the only girl in my village to complete high school. 

I have always wanted to become a nurse and thanks to the Good Samaritan Foundation of Haiti I am now within reach of achieving that. None of my siblings have been able to afford further education. I am hoping to finish my degree this year and help to take care of the medical needs in my village. One day I also dream of traveling a little and doing my Masters. I am grateful to all the donors who support this charity and help people to realize their dreams. Thank you!

Daniel - Agricultural Science degree.

"My Name is Daniel, I was born in my father’s town Baradères.

1 of 6 children of whom I am the eldest. my parents were forced to return to Ile a Vache, my mother’s town, in my childhood for economic reasons thinking that the island life would be better. Three years after their return, my father died. The situation became increasingly difficult. My mother returned to Baradères, leaving me with my grandmother, from then on, I lived with her until today.

My grandmother who loves me very much, had to work hard to take care of me including my first school fees. Despite her efforts, I could not go to school on an ongoing basis, there were always interruptions. I finished the classical school [secondary] with lots of difficulty. She was then 72 years old and could not work. I too could not find a job that could help me to continue my life.

I still have the desire to become someone who is brilliant in my life - I grew up with this dream and it feeds my mind, to bring my contribution in the island of Ile-a-Vache and  help my family to change their lives, to win the goal.

After completing high school I could not go to university because of economic means, the Good Lord sent me to meet a generous organization called Good Samaritan Foundation with Madame Mandy Thody. They assisted for two years in my studies in Agricultural Sciences,

I hope this year there is  someone in their generosity who could help me, God will reward you".

Pouchon -Civil Engineering degree.
PouchonPouchon and his family are from the island of Ile a Vache. Like many young people on the Island he has not been able to go on to further education. Pouchon became involved with the Good Samaritan Foundation when they first gave him a bursary in 2013 to help him train as a translator to work with tourists.

Between work he spent much of his spare time helping in the school in La Hatte, working as teacher's assistant. When the dentists visit he volunteers his services. 

Pouchon  always dreamt of being a Civil Engineer and when Jude qualified  there was a place for him.

"I am a student in Civil Engineering. I finished my first year and I had good success. It is a great thing for me, for my family too! After my studies I'll give back many things to the community of Ile à Vache! There are many developments coming to the island such as the airport and roads. I'll also like to work as a teacher in mathematics at the foundation's school at the Island.

I would like to thank everyone who accepts to support me!

Blessings to you!  Thanks!"

Adeline - Advanced Nursing degree.
Adeline"My name is  Adeline and I have completed 2 years of advanced nursing and have 2 to go. Last year GSF was able to  give me a donated laptop which was a course requirement. I am is from a family of 13 children - 9 boys and 4 girls! My parents are elderly and suffer from the high blood pressure [endemic to Ile a Vache due to brackish water] and can no longer provide for their children. Several of us have had to leave their schooling.

The day I met Good Samaritan Foundation and had a favorable response to my wish to go to university, was the happiest of my life! 

I felt crushed after two years of hard work to think that they could not continue to support my studies - Any supporters would be a great help.

We hope you can help us. 

All the money that we receive at the Good Samaritan Foundation of Haiti will go to the students' education, books and living costs.  

Donors will have the satisfaction of knowing their money enables someone from a very disadvantaged background, in a rural village where most people are illiterate, to qualify as a professional - giving life-changing improvement to them, their families and their community! The students have all completed one or more years of their courses with good results. They help our medical and agricultural programs in the summer (see photo), help host volunteer workers and act as translators and coordinators for our projects. All would be happy to provide details of their progress and their lives and aspirations! Please ask your friends, any group/club you belong to, even your office colleagues - this is such a worthwhile and productive opportunity . Thank you for all your help!

We have 2 young adults in trade school

Jisnol M. - last year of mechanic's course - $1600 and
Rodchel H. - last year of plumbing course $1600.

Then we have 7 scholarships for high school, all for teenagers or early-twenties who have not been able to complete high-school due to difficult family circumstances:


Lohens M.
8th Grade

Janel J.
11th Grade

Jean R.L.
10th Grade
Lohens Janel Jean RL
Carmesuze C.
Ismanne T.




The Good Samaritan Foundation of Haiti is committed to the advance of education, health and welfare of the underprivileged children of Haiti. The Good Samaritan Foundation of Haiti does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race or national or religious affiliation.

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