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Micro Credit et D'epargne Pour les Petites Marchandes de L'ile a Vache"

Microloan MeetingThe idea is simple: Women start out by taking a small loan and committing to the program's guidelines to improve their family's health, standard of living and education. GSF's microcredit program started with one group of about 60 women from one village, and small loans of around $75 for a year.

To succeed in business, you must start with something. Sheer will does not give an aspiring businessperson money to buy supplies. The Good Samaritan Foundation of Haiti, Inc. believes in its microloan program. We have seen how women seize the opportunities these loans provide.The program has an oversight committee comprised of women from the community and has been named by them - "Micro Credit et D'epargne Pour les Petites Marchandes de L'ile a Vache"

local involvement
It's members are:

Micheline Sylvain Cabral - President
Imacula Geneus Joseph - Secretary
Anotine Josette Delva - Treasurer
Lexes Mascary - (Pastor) Counselor
Jean Nestor Destil - (Pastor) Counselor

Local Women get involved

After 3 years we have a remarkable success rate of 85 to 90% repayment, the only exceptions being due to death or serious disease of the borrower or in her immediate family.
Haitian women are considered the "center posts" of rural families and communities, often supporting their children through small enterprises in addition to farming. Yet for many Haitians, the only micro-loans available to support their small businesses have been from moneylenders who charge exorbitant interest rates. 

The Good Samaritan Foundation of Haiti, Inc. Micro Loan program is dedicated to changing that reality.  We have expanded to 5 women's group, the original group has graduated to larger loans as they gain business experience, and the interest on the loans employs a secretary to manage the accounts and banking, a lady with prior experience in microcredit. We just added a new group, for fishermen this time, who need loans for nets and other equipment. Several other small businesses have been seperately approved and started with business loans - a veterinary pharmacy, a live fish business supplying hotels, and a guest-house expansion which then hosted two clinics of dentists and doctors for GSF.

We also have a sewing class which has lead to production of school uniforms, hand-embroidery for sale, and trained two young teachers who are now teaching afternoon classes to the teenagers in our school.

Men and women are able to attend our masonry classes, started in mid-2014, and will go on to local trades, as well as being involved in the latrine building program which directly benefits their families, and the community's health.

You can help make a difference TODAY! Your gift will help to fuel this community-led micro-credit fund to provide affordable loans for starting small businesses. As a woman (or man) repays the loan, the money will be used to replenish the fund and give even more people access to affordable loans.



The Good Samaritan Foundation of Haiti is committed to the advance of education, health and welfare of the underprivileged children of Haiti. The Good Samaritan Foundation of Haiti does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race or national or religious affiliation.

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