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We appreciate your efforts to make this world a better place!

Merryn at the 6th Coffee Morning for HaitiThe Good Samaritan Foundation wishes to thank all the individuals and companies who have supported our cause over the years. In fact it is only because of your support that our foundation exists at all! Composed almost entirely of volunteers, Haitian and from many other countries, your donations great and small have made a difference in the quality of life on this remote island and at our school near Petit Gouave. We want you to know how grateful we and the people whose lives you touched are, for all you have done, and are doing to help us reach our goals. Some of you explicitly asked to remain anonymous, while others’ names have been lost to the passage of time - but to all our most sincere Thank You -

Sponsors and Donors:

Mr and Mrs Edward Gardner
Jackie O Cox
Eric and Dana Hodgson
Roman Marciniak
Pamela Solman
John Dyre, Attorney at law
Meineke Muffler and family

Iaian & Michael
The People of Beaver Island, Michigan
The People of Spring Lake and Grand Haven, Michigan
Rotary of Tortola
Rotary of Les Cayes, Haiti
Stephen Cooper 
Mike Riegels
Tom Gerken
Crocs Ltd. of Colorado
Louis Scheiderich, Dave and the Oneida Lake Yacht Club
The Moorings BVI
Donations from the people of St John, USVI
Charter Trade and Guests of the American and British Virgin Islands
The Patrons of the “Michael Beans” Show
Leverick Bay Resort and Restaurant
Jeff and Casey, Dive BVI
Doyle Sail Makers BVI
Oloff Lidgensen. for our Haitian sloop "FU FEI"
The People of Mackinac Island, Michigan
Myetts of Cane Garden Bay
Aragorn’s Studios, Trellis Bay
Orwell Park School, England
Tristam MacDonald


Aimée Croteau (graphics)
Deanna Andru (web designer, webmaster)
Rachel Barkworth (taxes and accounting)
Griff and Carol of s/v “Be As You Are"
Rick Moore of s/v “Sophisticated Lady"
Donna Lange of s/v “Inspired Insanity"
Harry Birch of s/v “Fair Winds"
Iain Grey, film-maker
Capt. and family of s/v “ Kiowana”
Capt. Louise of s/v “Blue Planet"
Wayne and Emily Keese, s/v “Manna”
John Peltier, photography and video
Capt. and crew of s/v “Peregrine”
Michael Sawtelle
Keith Web
Monte Short, doctors and nurses of Flying Doctors (California chapter)
The Travel Channel, USA, “Life’s a Beach"
Megan McCormac, documentary
Mel and Dio Fisher, Key West
Peter Des Jardins
Michael and Sandy Scripps
Dr Robert Leger, Haiti
Emily Spens, fundraising efforts in the UK
Don and Anita Weiers and the church workers of Our Lady of Smiles Catholic Church, Sasketchewan

In St Croix and USVI:

Andre and Jan McBean,
Philippa Forward,
Jan Magras,
Ellen Sanpere,
Ulla Neuburger,
Donna Goetsch,
Bajo el Sol Gallery,
Merryn MacDonald

MichaelOur SloopJan & John


The Good Samaritan Foundation of Haiti is committed to the advance of education, health and welfare of the underprivileged children of Haiti. The Good Samaritan Foundation of Haiti does not discriminate on the basis of age, sex, race or national or religious affiliation.

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