Scholarship Program 2014-2015

Current Bursaries for the new School Year

Good Samaritan of Haiti needs your help with scholarships!  We are proud to share some of our current success stories. Our aspiring students are selected on aptitude, merit, and dedication to their studies. The approximate cost of a scholarship ranges from  $500 to $3,000, covering school expenses and a small stipend which pays for housing in shared rooms and a basic meal each day. Donations of any size are greatly appreciated, allowing us to better equip our students with textbooks, comfortable housing and school supplies.

Students at the University Level

Adeline, 2nd year nursing student.

Adeline Charles is completing the second of her four-year nursing program, costing $2,600 per year, paid for over three years provided she gets good grades…

Pouchon, 1st yr Eng student

Pouchon Geneus, 23, has just completed two English courses to assist GSF as a translator! He is hoping to commence his first year of a five year program studying Civil Engineering, which costs $3, 000 per year. Are you an engineer who can help fulfill his lifelong dream?

Carline, Daniel current students, and Jude now our 6th grade teacher!

Jude (left) completed his studies in June and is now working as Good Samaritan’s sixth grade teacher! Carline (middle) is entering her second year of a three year nursing program, totaling $2,000 annually. Daniel (right) is hoping to commence the 2nd of a 5 year degree in Agronomy. All three of these students have received scholarships from GSF major donors!





Students of Technical Trade School

Good Samaritan Foundation is pleased to announce that we have received sufficient donations to put three students through the technical school program in Les Cayes for the 2014-2015  school year. These short one and two year programs will quickly return skilled tradesmen to the island where we need them!

Rochel Herné will be attending two years of school for a practical diploma in plumbing.

Jisnol Massena is beginning a two year program to become a certified mechanic.

Pierre Sergio Ulysse is embarking on a one-year auto-electrician program, then training in the field of solar power.

We are currently looking for approximately $5,000 in donations to provide scholarships for at least four more trade school applicants – electricians, marine mechanics, welders, and more useful trades. Like our masonry program, these scholarships are available to both men and women,  with a grade 9 education.


High School Students

Good Samaritan presently funds four High School students. These students are often past the usual high school age, due to their very disadvantaged backgrounds. Although they are bright and capable, lamentable circumstances at home put an unfortunate halt to their early education. Many were forced to quit school, even after very late starts, to help provide for their parents and younger siblings.  Their stories are poignant, but worthy of mention to show how imperative potential scholarships are to schooling. We request annual scholarships of $500 to help these students achieve their potential.

 Janel is hoping to enter the 9th grade at Lycee Ile de Vache. He alone in his family, started school at his own volition at the age of 12,but like many, had to stop in order to support his family. He is now 23 and is one of Good Samaritan’s translators.

Jean Rousel is 21, entering 9th grade. He is the child of a very poor mother and his father died.

Lohens is twenty-two.  He is the the eldest of seven children, and found himself thrust into being the main provider for his family since sixth grade when he left school to work. His father abandonned him and his siblings, and his mother is mentally ill and unable to care for the family most days. He is hoping to return to High School to complete up to 9th grade, which would allow him to learn plumbing.

Romario is starting tenth grade age 23. His father, Wilson, is handicapped due to an accident leaving him with a head injury.

Romario, featured here with his father, Wilson, would like to attend High School

Romario, with his father, Wilson, would like to finish High School and learn a trade.


Requests for Bursaries

Good Samaritan is appreciative of all the donations that allowed the aforementioned students to attend the appropriate schools. There are, however, many more students pursuing an education who need your help and your donations.  SPONSORSHIPS BY DOCTORS, NURSES, TEACHERS OR ANY PROFESSIONAL IN THE STATES OR ELSEWHERE, AND BY CLUBS, CHURCHES, SCHOOLS AND OTHER GROUPS THAT ALLOW A HAITIAN STUDENT TO FINISH A DEGREE WOULD BE AMAZINGLY WORTHWHILE – PLEASE CONSIDER PAYING IT FORWARD IN THIS WAY TO HELP SOMEONE ENTER YOUR PROFESSION OR A RELATED FIELD!

Ronald Remi is in his final year to become a Medical Laboratory Technician.

Marie Lisguene Geneste (29), Med Tech – needs final year at Mission Bon Samaritaine.

Pierre Saler, 25, is an only child whose father died from Cholera. His mother, Madame Violette, is our sewing teacher. He completed his second year of a four year Science of Administration degree in Les Cayes (business studies, accounting)

Sina Claude is a third year nursing student attending the Université Notre Dame d’Haïti. She needs $1,500 to complete her studies.

Midor Antoine is 23 and in Business Administration at Inuqua University.

Guerrier Ansy is in her fourth year of nursing school and needs financial assistance to help her complete her program.

Jean Michelor Laine is in his fourth year of his Educational degree (teaching).

Mireille Santcoule, 22, has just entered her first year of nursing school and requires an annual scholarship that will fund her through the entirety of her program.

Carmytha Langlois is a prodigy! She finished school at 16, and is hoping to study languages and IT this year and obtain a Medical school scholarship after that, which is 7 years in Haiti…

Carmytha - finished school at 15

Carmytha is eager to start training in the medical field.

Ronald Remi is in his final year training to be a Medical Laboratory Technician.

Ronald Remi is in his final year training to be a Medical Laboratory Technician.


Sina Claude, final year nursing student

Your donation will not only give these students a fighting chance at pursuing their dreams and supporting their families, but will help supply the community with proper medical staff, skillful trades people, and higher workforce salaries. The future of Ile a Vache and other rural areas depends on halting the brain-drain and encouraging qualified students to return to their home areas – a requirement of our scholarships. Your donations are imperative to the wellbeing, functioning, and prosperity  of these Haitian communities. Thank you so much.

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