August news

Back from Ile a Vache and Morne Tapion for 3 weeks now and letting the dust settle – though today I bought my tickets for my end of September trip!

Today is also the day that TI POUL WOUJ becomes available online, as well as directly through me in St Croix –  the first children’s book in creole (and so far the  lone piece of fiction in Creole in our school libraries) – if you’d like to donate more copies, fund more books or have a copy for a little Haitian friend to read, get in touch – many of the paintings used are also available (from Mandy).

The June -July trip was amazing, the best teacher training course I could have imagined with Michel Altema, Emmanuel Fils-Aimé and Roselande and Tamar from our IMECT school all on Ile a Vache for 3 weeks. Then we had a great 10 day bee-keeping course with Toni Downs from St Croix, managing to obtain bees from an amazing traditional bee-keeper on the mainland of Haiti, and get them all set up and running on the island with smokers, bee-suits, manuals and all – NOBODY got stung at all! Our first baby rabbit was born, and our first use of the chick incubator was underway.

Our rabbit-house is being built now, and a dividing wall put up for 1st and 2nd grades in La Hatte school, because the ‘rentrée’ (back to school) is just around the corner! We expect to have up to 290 students this year including afternoon session for grades 7 and 8 on Ile a Vache and 270 including grade 7 at IMECT!

Coming up in October – Robin Bolton of NJ is travelling to Haiti with me to conduct an ’emergency swimming’ program for as many children and adults as possible on Ile a Vache – we hope to see substantially more of our children, and especially girls and women, able to stay afloat and alive in the event of boat accidents etc. – a constant hazard as there is NO other way to reach the mainland! Robin’s boundless enthusiasm has resulted in collecting almost 2000 swim-suits of all types, and the airlines are allowing him to transport a good portion of them free of charge!

More news soon, MandyDSCN0179

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