January 2015

2015 has zoomed up so fast, even with putting back the sailing trip to Ile a Vache until late March! Many events are underway in Haiti, changes of government (a new prime minister was installed last week, Evans Paul), changes on Ile a Vache (the island was a personal interest of the outgoing PM so we’re waiting to see what impact that will have…). Our students are  almost half-way through the academic year, and enjoying an especially cool winter season. Haiti’s Carnaval will be held in Port au Prince this year around 14th February, probably during Mandy’s next visit.

The sailing trip is becoming more and more essential at our end, as goods that have been donated and stockpiled mount up in St Croix and Virgin Gorda. We’ve been fortunate to acquire a lot of power tools and generators, sails, hand tools, dive equipment for fishermen and other heavy items that cannot be flown in. Sadly we’ve lost some of the crew arranged for January now that the trip is in March, and are busy arranging for more – more boats, crews, donations and equipment! Please get in touch if you can help – see our Facebook Event, Cruise for a Cause –

The new after-school sewing class!

Teachers with gift bags

Our Teachers with new bags, gifts from Roman who visited in December.

Anousse July 2014

Anousse Paul, agronomist – soon to arrive

Our microcredit system is now in its first year of being fully funded as a separate entity, which earns enough to be self-sufficient and indeed grow of itself, thus offering new loans all the time! It is ably managed by the committee, who are about to have a real office for the first time, in La Hatte village. The same building will provide living space and an office for our agronomist, due back from his studies in Africa in February! Anousse Paul will visit his family in the north of Haiti for a week (he’s been away 4 years as a student in Benin), then inaugurate our program to assist local farmers, advise and improve growing techniques. We hope to set up chicken and egg production very soon, and later diversify into rearing meat rabbits.

More news soon – and photos of the whole school and all classes within the month!

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