the wonderful cinnamon rolls

the wonderful cinnamon rolls!

My apologies – October just didn’t happen – or rather so much happened a post was not written, and suddenly it’s November! We’ve only six more weeks of planning and preparations for our sailing voyage to Ile a Vache by catamaran (starting around 29th December), and that’s after dealing with the holidays!

For now excellent news, our main budget was approved by our biggest donors and we are able to continue all our programs and start some new ones the next few months. The children are all back in school, at La Hatte and at Morne Tapion, and we have our 4 middle-schoolers on bursary, plus our 3 university students from last year, joined by a fourth, Pouchon, who is studying engineering.

We still need funding or sponsors for a number of other technical students – some of whom have only one year of studies to go before their degree – please click the tab above this post for scholarship information if you may be able to help – the school costs are not high and go to the most able and deserving of the young people from the community, so that they can return and help address local needs.

In St Croix, we’ve started having occasional coffee-mornings for GSF, with cinnamon buns from our brick bake oven, fired with our tree prunings. Mandy’s daughter Merryn makes sourdough bread to order, and we have produce, Haitian crafts, including the charming embroidery from our own classes, real Haitian coffee brought down from the mountains not far from Cayes, and artwork for sale. The next one is next Saturday, 8 Nov, from 10 to 12, on Mahogany Road.

Several very handy volunteer farmers have kept us up to scratch this summer, and another arrives soon from Haiti! Douglas is British and was already working at a reforestation project on the border with the Dominican Republic when he got in touch with GSF. He hiked overland to visit our projects and give us useful information and new photos! Soon he’ll be here in the VI, learning to sail and preparing the boat with us to return to Haiti as his next adventure. We’ll also have the Sheltons, Karen and Sandy, along as crew, and they’ll be masterminding and building a jungle-gym for the children, and hopefully a chicken breeding house for our new agronomist and his program. We’ll be delivering a selection of heavy equipment, including a large generator for the school, a rototiller, power tools, and sails and line for the fishermen. Please contact Mandy for a list of needed items if you would like to donate – this is the best sort of help, and the most practical! Updates soon – keep in touch on Facebook!

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