Welcome to Good Samaritan’s new blog newsletter which we hope will update you monthly on all aspects of our work in Haiti, our fundraising, our aims and how you can get involved.

Welcome to Good Samaritan’s new blog newsletter which we hope will update you monthly on all aspects of our work in Haiti, our fundraising, our aims and how you can get involved.

There’s a lot of exciting things happening this year, including this year’s exam results coming soon, expansion of all the projects, Mandy (our adminstrator, who lives in St Croix, US Virgin Islands) going back to Petit Goave and Ile a Vache for the third time this year in August. We’ll be holding our third summer session for the teachers at IMECT school, and our first at Good Samaritan school. We’ll also be planning for a big trip there in November – details soon!

Graduation of Jude, our first teacher!

Graduation of Jude, our first teacher!

Here is Founder Michael ‘Beans’ Gardner’s letter to start off the new website and blog –

Greetings All,

First off, I would like to thank all of you beautiful people who have stood by the Good Samaritan Foundation and me
for all these years, and through your support, both financial and otherwise, have helped this idea of having a school in the south western islands of Haiti, where the children that could not afford a education, receive one. It has been a long process that has tested our staying power to the Nth degree and I am happy to report that for all our shared efforts we have over a hundred children, with numbers growing every year, receiving meals every day and an education.

I am happy to say that with the completion of the new school that doubles as a hurricane shelter we are so much closer to achieving our goal of improving the health, education and welfare of those willing to receive it. As you explore our new website you will find numerous opportunities to help if you are so inspired. We have a phone number so you can talk to us, and you will find friendly and efficient service.

Among my other duties as President, public relations is a key factor. In my travels I am asked one question more times than not. “We would like to donate to Haiti but we heard that nothing ever get to the intended place. What makes you different?”
I would like to shine some light on our organization and say the next time you hear someone shooting down any attempt to help in Haiti, ask them what they personally are doing as a give back program, you might be surprised!

As for GSF, I can honestly say all the money and donations that have been given to us have made their mark, we pride ourselves in being transparent in all our affairs , not only does the US Government’s requirement for our 501(c)3 status demand it, but we too are tired of hearing that same old broken record about NGOs, that we know for a fact are living up to their promises. It’s the same old story about one bad apple. I would also like to add that one of the joys of being a small ‘grass roots’ organization is that there is an intimacy between all involved that feels more like family and friends working together for a healthier future and a brighter change in human lives. I feel honored to be of service to such a beautiful race of people where success is measured by the love a man has in their heart and not the bulge in their purse, that I would like to share this hidden treasure with you or anyone who wishes to reach out ….all I can say is welcome.

Many Blessings, Michael

Michael “Beans” Gardner

Fu Fei being rebuilt!

Fu Fei being rebuilt!


New cisterns to improve health of the aged.

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