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Food Supplies after Hurricaine MatthewWhere does your donation go?

Here is a breakdown of what GSF has implemented since Hurricane Matthew three weeks ago and how we plan to disburse funds in the next few months - in addition to our long-term programs which were already funded (such as all our school teacher and staff salaries and school lunch programs).

Donations in the last 3 weeks current total: $31 000 Pledges: $6 000 Immediate payments: $2000 for tools for road clearing, repairs, tree-removal, safety ($500 per 3 x road crews; $350 masonry tools, $150 carpentry tools)

DONE $1000 for safety/ hygiene, anti-malarials, anti-cholera measures incl. Chlorox, Aquatabs, medications, soap, buckets for distribution Soulette, La Hatte and Trou Milieu.

DONE $5000 for roofing tin, roofing nails, wood nails, cement for home repairs for most vulnerable people (elderly, infants etc.) in La Hatte area.

DONE $1000 for additional food stocks at La Hatte school, plus food donations to people sheltering in Soulette church, elderly displaced villagers, etc.

DONE $2000 for agronomy project - roof repairs, restock chickens, additional rabbits, seeds and seedlings, cost of ploughing fields again, tree program acceleration, additional seedlings to donate locally as soon as ready.

DONE $1000 for repairs to IMECT school (including food, anti-cholera measures and fix sewing machine depot wrecked in hurricane.)

DONE $500 repairs to La Hatte school (roof of kitchen, door, roof of grade 1 and 2 building, water buffalo re-installation and plumbing replacement)

DONE $1000 for book replacement for children whose homes were damaged/destroyed ($500 per school)

DONE $1500 extra staff taken on (Ile a Vache)

DONE $3000 - Additional funds to MICEPMIV microcredit for emergency loans or loan extensions for fishermen requiring boat repairs, nets, gear etc. and members who lost livestock, mainly goats.

SENT 25 OCT $2500 - Additional funds to Ebenezer Microcredit for livestock and farm damages and replacements.

Clean Water for HaitiansSENT 25 OCT $1000 - costs of transport of food, building materials, staff by truck and boats, bank transfers, couriers, telephones etc. in Haiti (Oct / Nov)

SPENT total (October 2016) $21 500 USED additionally (subsequent) Food aid from end October to end February 2017: Additional lunches will be prepared at La Hatte and Imect schools each day to serve approx 40 extra persons per site, these being siblings and elderly relatives or neighbors in each case, cost $500 per month. Total $2000 - SENT FOR OCT/NOV Food distributions: apart from the school lunches we often supply bags of dry food (rice, beans, spaghetti, vitamins, soap etc.) to elderly and handicapped people in La Hatte. This program will be expanded to include all 4 villages (on Ile a Vache: Trou Milieu, Soulette and La Hatte; plus Morne Tapion near Imect School). Estimated cost per month Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb: $500 in La Hatte - total $2000 $250 Soulette - total $1000 $250 Trou Milieu - total $1000 $250 Morne Tapion - total $1000 Grand total food distribution $7000 (which we have in hand) SENT 1000 FOR NOV Please note we also rely on many other government and non-governmental organizations to provide some food aid in this period - which is already occurring (we have seen donations of food by Compassion, Haven, Friends of Ile a Vache, Remote Air Medical/Manna and more so far.

Our Wishlist: We urgently need to extend the roofing program and masonry/rafter repairs to Soulette and Trou Milieu not just La Hatte. Cost estimate $8000 New water lift pump for La Hatte School cistern to make kitchen more efficient, and supply 200 steel plates and spoons, supply generator and fuel, extend community kitchen. $1500 SENT Fund for donation of mattresses, chairs, household goods and clothing to vulnerable residents who lost homes and all possessions in many cases. Estimate $2500 - SENT $1000 TO DATE Fund for replacement of fishing gear, tackle, diving fins and masks, sails, etc. lost in hurricane. Estimate $5000. Totals estimated: $20 000 additional funds would be needed. (This does not include administrative and transport costs of GSF staff, obtaining the supplies listed or account for price increases which are inevitable.) Expansion of Agriculture Project: In 2015 at our La Hatte sites we started a very promising agronomy project with a staff of 5 under Haitian agronomist Anousse Paul. Now with the help of Dr Stuart Weiss, UVI's expert in tropical eco-agriculture, and a special grant, we plan to respond to the disaster and imminent famine by completely restructuring to supply as much foodstuff as possible in six months, while rebuilding agriculture in the area in a sustainable and profitable way. This involves 3 fields, the rabbit house, the 2 chicken houses, honey bees, a large input of new trees, seeds, contouring, mulch and composting, use of moringa and more. It will provide jobs, food, enrich school meals, improve live-stock and tree/crop species in a ripple effect throughout western Ile a Vache. Sent $5000 to date. Estimated costs beyond the hoped-for grant, minimum $12 000 of which we have $8000 so far.


Education for Haitian childrenHURRICAINE UPDATE 10.15.16

Matthew passed directly over Ile a Vache and Cayes, as a Category 4 moving slowly north – subjecting the mainly low-lying island to 230km/hr of winds over more than 9 hours, plus 14" of rain. All local subsistence farmers have lost have lost their field and tree crops and most fruit trees are down or badly broken. Several beach and salt-flat areas were flooded, with the houses submerged to three feet. Probably 30 percent of houses lost complete roofs, walls or both, and almost all lost some roofing tin. Much livestock was killed and is miraculous that no human beings were killed in our area. The main damage is definitely crops – meaning that food supplies will be very low for at least six months, even where houses and schools can be repaired in short order. The reefs are also affected and fish are in short supply, especially conch.

We have some repairs to make in our school's kitchen roof and 1st grade classrooms (the 2 buildings with tin roofing), and our trading boat Fu Fei. The island's roads and paths are nearly impassable mud with trees across them. As of one week later: With some email and phone connections reestablished we are the ONLY school and school kitchen reopened, we've been able to continue classes including Robin Bolton's swimming course which was the reason for our trip (ultimate goal is to teach all the island children to swim), we've repaired the school roofs, housed several dozen people short-term, supplied heavy tools such as picks, shovels, axes and wheelbarrows to the three villages' civil protection crews to clear the roads and debris, coordinated 3 airdrops and are working on another for obtaining water filtration equipment. Zero cholera cases on the island to date, and we've stockpiled Clorox and medicines, rice, sugar etc.

GSF donors have already covered the cost of a large truckload of roofing tin and I believe we're the only organization to be in that position, we'll be re-roofing the houses of the most vulnerable, elderly and handicapped and their families very soon, supplying tin, nails and cement as fast as possible, with volunteer labor. Our agrimony program is stepping up, restocking the chicken houses and increasing rabbit production, plant nurseries and tree seedlings, in concert with other organizations her in Haiti, such as Haven Ireland whose staff we met today.


V.I. Resident Helps Coordinate Aid for Haiti After Hurricane Matthew
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